Why Choose Interproz?

We are the premier group of Spanish/English interpreting professionals in Colorado.  We take pride in our ability to convey meaning – not simply relying on lexical translation.

Our business requires us to continuously interact between the English speaking world of the United States and that which lies south of the border.  We are trained to identify the cultural nuances in everything from slang to protocol – and that is what makes Interproz the right choice for you.


Interproz professionals work exclusively on English to Spanish translations and Spanish to English translations.

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At Interproz we specialize in English to Spanish interpretation and Spanish to English interpretation.

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The Interproz team takes your dictated or recorded material in Spanish and puts it into written form in English.

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Audio & Video Dub

The professionals at Interproz are active participants in the media community and highly experienced in the translation.

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